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Pediatric Brain Tumor

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My William

Surgery was Tuesday and it went well. 95% of the tumor was removed. We are in the Neuro Trauma unit. I keep seeing that word each time we go in and out. Trauma, trauma…traumatized. I am, we are, as a family, so traumatized. William obviously most of all. From the first seizure to the MRI that lit up with a big white circle in his brain, to now. When he woke up after surgery, he couldn’t talk, or move his right side. He was so ...
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  We are home. For the first few days in the hospital, William wasn’t doing very well and we thought we would be staying in inpatient rehab for a long time. Tony and I mentioned Scarlett while we were talking and Will’s little heart broke. He started crying really hard. We realized he was missing her so much! We just didn’t want her to have to see him when he was really swollen and in a lot of pain. We brought her to the hospital, and ...
motherhood, Pediatric Brain Tumor, Personal

The Unknown

I came across this picture as I was catching up on editing this afternoon and it took my breath away. Sometimes an image can say so much more than my feeble, clunky words ever can. My husband took this photo of Will and I as the sun was setting after a perfect day at the lake. Now? It depicts my life perfectly, I’m surrounded by waters of the unknown, holding tight to this beautiful boy with everything I have. Trying to find stillness, ...