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How to fly your family to Europe for cheap

1. Search These Sites

The biggest expense for travel is transportation. ESPECIALLY with families. When you have to multiply everything by 3 or more, it adds up fast! The biggest way to save is on your flights. When traveling on a budget, it is all about research. I ALWAYS check this site first to find cheap flights to Europe.

Skyscanner – the great thing about Skyscanner is that it includes budget airlines. Where the more popular Google Flights, generally does not. Especially obscure global budget airlines.

Google flights does have a little secret many people don’t know about which is Google Flights Explore, which details the cheapest time to fly anywhere all year long.

Don’t forget to set up price alerts, so if your price is about to go up, you can be alerted via text or email.

Kiwi.com is also great! I have booked my last two flights after finding deals on their sight.

Start here and then check these prices against…….


 Now, let me preface this by saying that I know many say they won’t fly budget airlines because they are too bare bones. They don’t provide food (unless you purchase it separately), their baggage restrictions can be annoying…. Here is the bottom line for me: I can absolutely deal with bringing my own food, and packing really light if I get to take my family to Europe.

For me, it’s a matter of going or not going. When you travel often with a family, you have to fly cheap. If you can afford to pay thousands of dollars on airplane tickets all the time, and you LOVE airplane food, then that is awesome! This blog probably isn’t for you.

If you are like us and dreamed of travel, but felt it was out of reach with all the other demands of family life, then finding this little known secret might just give you some hope (as it did for us).

If you want to travel and you’re on a tight budget, you have to think outside the box, and be willing to deal with being a little bit inconvenienced. It’s all worth it in the end, I promise! Budget airlines don’t fly out of my ( former) home airport of Salt Lake City, but they do fly out of Denver, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles, so I can find super cheap flights to these places. We found our flights to Paris for the end of May for $220 each way using WOW airlines out of LA!!! Another fantastic budget airline is Norwegian, and Icelandair.

Here is a list of all budget airlines.

3. Be flexible

When you book on either of the two budget airlines above, you can search their low fare calendar, and if you can be flexible with the week you fly, you can literally save hundreds of dollars.

For example, we planned to fly to Europe on June 5th, because you know, school, kids, CONVENIENCE. Nope, we flew on June 3rd ,which was less convenient, because it is $150 cheaper. Now multiply that by 5. We saved $750 by flying a day sooner. Done. Au Revoir!

4. Fly into another City

Consider flying into a different city than you planned. This especially applies in Europe. Our big plan for this vacation was to go to Italy. Flying into Rome or Venice cost way more than we wanted to spend. But guess what? You can book super cheap flights within Europe. Check out Ryanair. You can fly from Paris to Venice for $32. Yes, seriously, only $32. This opens up so many possibilities for travel once you realize this. Flying into Paris tends to be one of the best deals. And who doesn’t want to spend a few days in Paris?


5. Check out Instagram travel deals

Friends, there are accounts on Instagram dedicated to finding deals from your city. My favorite from my home city is @SLCflightwatch. This is such a fantastic resource. You do have to jump on these quickly as deals are often short lived. I’m sure there are similar accounts for your area!

6. Fly round trip

Often flying round trip is cheaper. We saved about $50 per person by booking round trip tickets to Paris. So, here I go doing math again, that’s $250 we saved by booking round trip instead of one way. This isn’t always true, but it usually is. Double check before you book.

7. Mistake Fares

Every once in a while, an airline will post a price for a flight that is a mistake. I’ve never personally done it, but I know people who have snagged a crazy cheap flight to Europe or New Zealand this way! Find these at:


*Another thing is to always clear you cookies! Prices can vary from device to device based on if you’ve viewed it before. Go incognito and search for flights without being tracked.

Once you snag a cheap flight, don’t forget to check Booking.com for the absolute best deals on accommodation.


Happy Travels, friends!

💛 Melissa




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  1. Bruce Schinkel

    May 1, 2017 at 5:23 pm

    Good tips! I’ve definitely used #3,4 before with great success … but now i’ll start looking into #6 also 🙂

  2. Kinga

    May 2, 2017 at 11:00 pm

    Great article 🙂 you managed to consolidate a lot of valuable tips in one place 🙂

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