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The Unknown

I came across this picture as I was catching up on editing this afternoon and it took my breath away. Sometimes an image can say so much more than my feeble, clunky words ever can. My husband took this photo of Will and I as the sun was setting after a perfect day at the lake. Now? It depicts my life perfectly, I’m surrounded by waters of the unknown, holding tight to this beautiful boy with everything I have. Trying to find stillness, grasping for peace and HOPE. I’m breathing him in and enjoying every silly, adorable thing he does. There are so many. I don’t know what things will be like next month after his surgery. I do know they will be different. And it’s going to be hard. Really really hard. It’s going to try me and ALL of us in ways we never knew possible. He may have to re-learn how to talk, and walk. When I think of it sometimes, I can’t breathe. But then I remember that this little warrior is stronger and braver than I will ever be. He will fight this battle and he will win.

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