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What’s In My Camera Bag

FF9B2512-8285-4B1C-99E2-EB0FD2DD2638.jpegA question that I get asked a lot is: “What camera and lenses do you use?” I use the Canon 5D Mark II. I bought it years ago when it was top of the line. It isn’t anymore, but I still love it and it takes beautiful pictures. I would love to upgrade to a camera body that does better in low light, but for now, this thing is just like an extension of me. I don’t have to think much, I just adjust and shoot.


I primarily use two lenses. The 35mm 1.2 and the 85mm 1.8. The 85mm takes stunning portraits and the bokeh is gorgeous. The 35mm is perfect for traveling when you need a wide angle to get shots of the city and scenery. I have sold all of my zoom lenses. They just aren’t as crisp and it drives me insane, so I prefer fixed lenses.


I also use my iPhone 8+ more and more to quickly capture videos and moments when I don’t think I’ll have time to get my “big girl” camera ready. The iPhone picture quality is getting better all the time and I love the new portrait feature on this phone.


My favorite CF card is the Hoodman Compact Flash. It’s pricier than SanDisk, but I’ve never, ever had one fail. That piece of mind was worth it to me when I was a professional family photographer, and it’s worth it to me now on our travels.


Other must-have accessories are:

A card reader


A wireless remote 

A tripod 


Photoshop and Lightroom for editing

Jo Totes camera bag


That’s about it! Let me know if you have any questions.

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