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Sanity Saving Family Travel Accessories

C8D354D8-743D-4D54-B60B-A62CFD4D7412.jpeg We’ve learned a few things on our travels with  kids (many times the hard way). I’m quite minimalist, but while traveling, I have found a few items that are super helpful for having a smooth trip.

Lush Shampoo and Conditioning Bars 


Why? No liquid rules to worry about! So much better for the environment. Here’s what I suggest: Go to Lush and speak with one of their knowledgeable staff about which kind is best for your hair type. Every time I’ve ever heard someone say they don’t likes these, it’s because they’re using a conditioner for thick, curly hair on fine, blonde hair, or vice versa. If you get the right one, it’s amazing!

Mini Sewing Kit 

Why? They’re not very easy to find while traveling. I had my strap break on my dress (twice) and this was such a life saver.


Laundry Soap Sheets

Why? Airplanes. On our first European trip, we ended up buying laundry detergent a few different times because we couldn’t take it on the airplanes and these little sheets are so small, easy, and convenient to toss in your carry-on.


Packing Cubes

Why? A few reasons. You can fit WAY more this way. Also, having things sorted by shirts, shorts, dresses, etc. means you’re  not ripping everything out of your bag each time to search for one item of clothing. Love these new ones from Alex from the fabulous Travel Fashion Girl blog.


Headphone Splitter

Why? Because inevitably my kids want to watch the same movie together on the same tablet, and this makes it so they can and there’s less fighting over the device.

International Adapter

Why? Obvious reasons, but also I can’t tell you the amount of money we’ve wasted buying new adapters because we get to a place and realized they have a different plug than we thought. These will work anywhere.


A Power Bank

Why? Because these days having your phone die while traveling is pretty much the worst. No way to contact the rest of your family if you separate, no GPS, and no way to take quick and simple videos. Power banks can be a life saver.

Wrinkle Spray

Why? So you don’t look like you just woke up and rolled out of bed and went sight-seeing (even though that’s pretty much always what we did)…

Wet Wipes

Why? A quick refresher that we found so valuable on hot, sticky days. It feels so nice to use on your neck or face and and hands. Also, you need something to clean Gelato off those sticky little faces all the time.

Protein Bars

Why? There are several times where flights are delayed, or things take much longer than you plan and nothing is worse than “hangry” kids… (or moms and dads)!


Why? Because someone WILL need them while you travel.


Don’t need to ask why for this one… Make sure it’s preloaded with stories, podcasts (we love stories podcast and the Rebel girls podcast for kids), movies, games, and drawing/coloring apps.

I’ll write another post soon about what we pack to entertain out kids on airplanes and car rides.

Thanks for reading, Loves!

Anything you would add?


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