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Applecross, Scotland- A Photo Diary

I think of our visit to Applecross, Scotland as a bit of a happy mistake. Let me explain. When I went to book a hotel for our time on The Isle of Skye, everything was booked. It was the end of June, so I should have known, but, I didn’t…I started to worry that maybe we just couldn’t go. But that just wasn’t an option. We HAD to go. Our hearts were set on it. Finally I found a place in Applecross, which was about 50 ...
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Anniversary trip to Europe for (less than) $1800

My husband and I had never left our kids and gone on a trip together in our 7 years of marriage, so last year for our anniversary, we decided it was about time to take a trip together without the kids. We absolutely love traveling with our kids and I did have pangs of guilt leaving them, but it was so good for us. Like SO good for us. We had already spent a fair amount on our family trip to Europe in the spring, so we decided to make this a ...
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A weekend in Vlore, Albania with kids

Day 1 Last weekend, we took off on our first little road trip in Albania. We’ve been here a month now. I can’t believe it. We bought, licensed, and insured our car on Tuesday, so by Friday at 4:00, we were off! We decided to visit Vlore on the Albanian Riviera which is a couple of hours away. We drove from Tirana and stopped in the smallish city of Fier for dinner. It’s worth a stop. Its beautiful! We had pizza at a local ...
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Sanity Saving Family Travel Accessories

 We’ve learned a few things on our travels with  kids (many times the hard way). I’m quite minimalist, but while traveling, I have found a few items that are super helpful for having a smooth trip. Lush Shampoo and Conditioning Bars  Why? No liquid rules to worry about! So much better for the environment. Here’s what I suggest: Go to Lush and speak with one of their knowledgeable staff about which kind is best for your hair type. Every time ...
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How to Save for Family Travel

Cut Back The first thing you will need to do is not fun, like really, it’s not. You may want to get a Diet Coke or a glass of wine (whatever your drink of choice is). Here we go. Print out your bank statements from any accounts that you use to handle your every day family finances, grab a highlighter and calculator, and get to work identifying your bills. Now, break them into two categories: the ones you HAVE to have (a roof over your head), ...
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Tapping On The Heart

I don’t remember how the feeling came exactly. It wasn’t a lightening bolt like you hear about. It was sort of like a light tapping, the kind that you don’t feel at first because you are so busy with the chaos of raising a family, the kind that gets pushed away. This feeling got stronger, like the way you don’t register something annoying your kids are doing and then suddenly it enters your consciousness and you realize you’re actually ...
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Glitter Mountain

Our oldest had a baseball tournament in Saint George, Utah last Spring Break. After it was over we headed out to explore some unique sites nearby. I read about a place about 2o miles away on the Arizona border called Glitter Mountain, and decided to check it out. It did not disappoint! We had so much fun exploring. (If you need a map to get there, follow the one on this site. It will lead you right there. Many of the others I saw were ...