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Sanity Saving Family Travel Accessories

 We’ve learned a few things on our travels with  kids (many times the hard way). I’m quite minimalist, but while traveling, I have found a few items that are super helpful for having a smooth trip. Lush Shampoo and Conditioning Bars  Why? No liquid rules to worry about! So much better for the environment. Here’s what I suggest: Go to Lush and speak with one of their knowledgeable staff about which kind is best for your hair type. Every time ...
Travel Gear

What’s In My Camera Bag

A question that I get asked a lot is: “What camera and lenses do you use?” I use the Canon 5D Mark II. I bought it years ago when it was top of the line. It isn’t anymore, but I still love it and it takes beautiful pictures. I would love to upgrade to a camera body that does better in low light, but for now, this thing is just like an extension of me. I don’t have to think much, I just adjust and shoot. I primarily ...