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6 Silly Things I Miss About The U.S.

Let me say first, that we love it here, and I’ll do a follow up post on the things here that I prefer, but for today, indulge me in my silly reverie. 1. Yoga freaking pants Yoga pants are the unsung hero in American women’s lives. Actually working out? They are there for you. Pregnant? They got you. Just had a baby? They hold you gently like a hug and don’t squeeze too tightly. Running kids to school? They’ll make ...
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The top 5 most instagram-worthy places in (and around) SLC

The Book wall. This one is a bit of a hidden gem. Its located just south of  222 south Main in a little alleyway. 2. The “UP” House 132218 South Herriman Rose Blvd., Herriman,Utah People do live here now, so obviously be respectful, but it is so fun to to see in person! 3. Saltair. The lighting during golden hour never, ever disappoints. Gorgeous. 4. Alta- especially in Late Summer/early Fall. The wildflowers! 5. Eva’s ...
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Glitter Mountain

Our oldest had a baseball tournament in Saint George, Utah last Spring Break. After it was over we headed out to explore some unique sites nearby. I read about a place about 2o miles away on the Arizona border called Glitter Mountain, and decided to check it out. It did not disappoint! We had so much fun exploring. (If you need a map to get there, follow the one on this site. It will lead you right there. Many of the others I saw were ...