Tales of Wanderlust

You Don't Have to be Rich to Travel the World

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  We are home. For the first few days in the hospital, William wasn’t doing very well and we thought we would be staying in inpatient rehab for a long time. Tony and I mentioned Scarlett while we were talking and Will’s little heart broke. He started crying really hard. We realized he was missing her so much! We just didn’t want her to have to see him when he was really swollen and in a lot of pain. We brought her to the hospital, and ...
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The Unknown

I came across this picture as I was catching up on editing this afternoon and it took my breath away. Sometimes an image can say so much more than my feeble, clunky words ever can. My husband took this photo of Will and I as the sun was setting after a perfect day at the lake. Now? It depicts my life perfectly, I’m surrounded by waters of the unknown, holding tight to this beautiful boy with everything I have. Trying to find stillness, ...
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Glitter Mountain

Our oldest had a baseball tournament in Saint George, Utah last Spring Break. After it was over we headed out to explore some unique sites nearby. I read about a place about 2o miles away on the Arizona border called Glitter Mountain, and decided to check it out. It did not disappoint! We had so much fun exploring. (If you need a map to get there, follow the one on this site. It will lead you right there. Many of the others I saw were ...
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How to fly your family to Europe for cheap

1. Search These Sites The biggest expense for travel is transportation. ESPECIALLY with families. When you have to multiply everything by 5, it adds up fast! The biggest way to save is on your flights. When traveling on a budget, it is all about research. So much research.  I ALWAYS check this site first. Google flights And a little secret many people don’t know about is Google Flights Explore details the cheapest time to fly anywhere all ...
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The Wizarding World of Harry Potter -a Photo Diary

Our trip to “Harry Potter Land” was an absolute dream. Every detail of the park made you feel as if you were really in Hogsmeade! Hogwarts in the background! I’m not sure if it matters WHEN you go, the park is always crowded, but we found that there are tables outside behind the Three Broomsticks that maybe no one knew about (?) because we had the place to ourselves! And a perfect view of Hogwarts in the background to make ...